Diptyque Hourglass Diffusers

Diptyque’s Elegant Packaging Design Turns Home Fragrance Into Art

Diptyque is a French fragrance company that specializes in high-end perfumes and home scents. The company was first created with candles in mind, offering a variety of scents that exuded sophistication and class.

Diptyque was first launched in 1963 and was championed by three friends that were held together by similar passions and desires. They poured their hearts and souls into this endeavor, first starting with a store showing their fabric designs before moving to fragrances. And this passion and heritage live on to this day.

As their fragrance company grew, so did their offerings. Moving from candles to home diffusers and perfumes. The company recently created a new home scent line of diffusers, so they turned to design agency Servair & Co to help come up with a design that encapsulated the brand and its luxurious offerings.

The result was a unique packaging that while different from its traditional packaging, still held similar key elements that elevated the product and brand as a whole.

These delicate, intricate and elaborate designs are regal and majestic. They show a clear dedication and finesse that take these products from simple pieces of home decor to works of art.

They don’t just make your home smell nice, they add an element of grace to your home, working as pieces that add to the overall design and style.

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Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser And Box

Diptyque’s Hourglass Packaging Design Shape Emphasizes Refinement & Grace

These stunning packaging designs really steal the show — they radiate excellence and excess. And this is due, in part, to the unique shape of the diffusers themselves.

The hourglass shape of these glass diffusers is alluring, exciting and mysterious. They ooze grandeur and majesty. They’re luxurious and delicate. There was a clear intention behind the creation of this hourglass shape that adds an artistic quality to the home decor.

The creative agency behind this innovative shape put a lot of thought into its creation and its meaning:

A unique silhouette or a unique glass coating now differentiates each of the 6 fragrances, which asserts the House’s decorative universe and pays tribute to to its eclectic inspirations. Its cold-diffusing technology delivers perfume notes through ingenious wicks, which number is now increased to widen the diffusion era, through a new patent. The Hourglass remains a sustainable initiative with an unchanged refilling system.

This design is extremely eye-catching. It harkens back to the regal history and heritage of the brand itself. Going above and beyond traditional home decor scent diffusers, these multicolored hourglasses make a statement that lasts.

Each scent comes with a different colors design. Colors range from orange and green to black and transparent. The colors are subdued and pair beautifully with the rich gold neck of the diffuser.

With shape, these designs transcend their simple purpose and become works of excellence and splendor.

Diptyque’s Packaging Highlights Luxury With Gold Embellishments

It’s not just the overall shape of the design that is visually striking. The design agency behind this creation made it a point to keep branding consistent through the use of a bold and elegant gold color.

This shiny gold coating lines the neck of these diffusers in a honeycomb pattern. Circular dots serve as subtle openings that allow the scents to float into the air. Mismatched designs are woven along the neck, in floral and flattering patterns that add a playful and majestic element to the design.

These gold embellishments can be seen across the wide range of products offered by the company and are also seen in the simple boxed packaging that these diffusers sit in.

Geometric lines, rectangles and triangle streak across the stark white boxes that add a cleanness and sophistication. The Diptyque logo sits at the center of an oval design. It’s simple, modern and classic.

Gold adds a luxuriousness that further elevates this design and its impact. It’s classic and clean and beautifully masterful.

Diptyque Hourglass Black Diffuser

Diptyque’s Chic Packaging Captures The Essence Of Sophistication & Class

These simple, classic and avant-garde hourglass diffusers set the bar high for other brands. They are regal, sophisticated and elegant and use very purposeful design elements to create this worldly vibe.

The choice to create an hourglass shape is innovative, futuristic and beautiful. It’s both modern and classic — the perfect balance for a brand with products that ooze heritage and modernity.

Gold embellishments on the product and its packaging add a majesty that reminds you of a time of kings and queens. It’s regal and sophisticated and enlightening. The gold really pops against the white box its packaged in, and against the multicolored diffusers themselves.

These diffusers were designed with art in mind. They are meant to look classy, enchanting and worldly. These delicate designs are simple but they sure pack a powerful punch. Check out our article on the best perfume bottle designs.

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