Brink Free Range Chicken Elegant Packaging Design

Customers are more conscious in today’s day in age with regard to the purchasing of their food. People are geared towards environmentally sound purchases and sourcing to lessen the impact on the environment and reduce animal suffering.

We want less guilt when devouring delectable chicken. Less shame when imagining some of the horrid conditions that chicken’s face before reaching the end of their days.

Brink Free Range chicken captures this ecological crusade and shifting food purchasing paradigm with creative packaging created by New Zealand based Curious Design.

Curious Design’s mission was to reimagine Brink’s Free Range chicken packaging to create a visual story that encompassed Brink’s unbridled commitment to their transparent, honest and ethical approach of chicken products.

These chickens are free range. They live their lives in freedom instead of in cages. They are well off emotionally and not bestowed in the horrors of overcrowded cages where they cannot move.

Brink Free Range Chicken Simple Packaging Design

The environments of Brink’s chickens are healthy outdoor green fields where the birds roam free in lush green landscapes. The packaging highlights this by showing the lands and bright sun and blue skies.

The packaging the chicken is placed in is also green. The labeling shows pictures of the free range farms with bright and positive colors.

Brink Free Range Chicken Clean Packaging Design

Typography is clean, contemporary and simple. This reflects the integrity and honesty that Brink’s holds dear to their hearts.

Brink Free Range Chicken Packaging Design

The white background provides the perfect illumination for the free range chicken text in black color. The chicken industry, among others, is topic filled with high emotions. We want to be environmentally conscious and help lessen the pain that these birds experience in any way that we can.

Luckily, Brink is a company that provides us with an opportunity to meet our compassion as they feel the same. The new packaging design by Curious Design was a home run: Sales have doubled since launch.

This is a packaging design that warms the heart and reminds us that we have an impact on the lives of animals through the power of the products we choose to purchase.

May the chickens roam free, and may their range grow ever more.

Brink Free Range Chicken is a clean packaging design in the Agriculture and Food & Beverage industries. 

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