EatKinda Packaging Design

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist white containers
  • Playful doodle-style visuals
  • Bold, clear labeling

The EatKinda packaging, crafted by Lucie Blazevska, brings to life a delightful ice cream brand with a minimalist yet vibrant presentation.

The pint containers are the perfect canvas for fun visuals. Each pint features an eye-catching image of an ice cream scoop with doodled faces. It turns the scoops into characters embodying the brand's spirit of playfulness!

The design maintains minimal text to focus on the product, with the brand's bold logo and the flavor prominently displayed for easy recognition.

This strategic use of clear and concise labeling ensures the essential information is immediately visible. Plus, it enhances the consumer experience and reinforces the brand's message of simplicity and kindness.

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