Eternal Oceans Packaging Design

Forget your boring, old tuna can; Eternal Oceans has created a can for their seafood that will get conversations going around the lunch table.

The design is obviously meant to look like a fish. This is a huge differentiator from almost every other canned seafood brand; these competitors all opt for a basic container that looks like every other can of fish consumers have ever seen. However, the design of Eternal Oceans’ cans offers more than just its unique shape.

Eternal Oceans Creative Packaging Design

Eternal Oceans chose to emboss the typography into the metal container to give the writing a feeling of texture, rather than opting for a simple paper label. The gills and tail of the package also help contribute to the design by adding some textured appearance to the can. The layout is clever and eye-catching. Simply through the design of their packaging, Eternal Oceans has ensured that they will stand out among their competitors.

Sometimes, the shape of the product is the only thing holding brands back. Eternal Oceans still uses a can for their product, just like everyone else. They have simply changed the shape of their container to make their product appear entirely unique. That one clever adjustment has accomplished what no label redesign ever could for other brands. Now, Eternal Oceans has something they will always be remembered by.

Eternal Oceans is a creative packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.