Fenty Skin’s Melt Awf Packaging Design

Melt Awf’s Packaging Design Provides a Chic Skincare Packaging Solution With Sleek Visuals

Rihanna's well-known makeup brand Fenty has ventured into the skincare market with successful results, thanks to its understanding of the target audience through their needs and preferences.

One of their popular skincare products is the Melt Awf, a jelly oil makeup cleanser that removes makeup without damaging the skin. Aside from this product's commendable results, Melt Awf stands out due to its chic and sleek packaging design.

The brand partnered with the aptly named NF Beauty Group design agency to develop a straightforward packaging design, combining functionality, ease of use, and attractive appeal.

Through colors, font styles, and layouts, the agency achieved a sleek and chic packaging design for the product!

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Fancy convenience

Melt Awf Offers Convenience Through a Portable Packaging Design

One notable feature of Fenty Skin's Melt Awf packaging design is the bottle size. The bottle is compact and is the right size for makeup pouches and bags.

While acquiring knowledge is often considered a form of imitation, the most outstanding packaging design companies often mimic the proven practices that add convenience and ease of use (and storing) to pleasing aesthetics.

it resembles the size of most foldable umbrellas, so it doesn’t occupy that much space inside bags. This is great because people can bring it with them, especially on trips where they pack as light as possible.

The cylindrical shape of the bottle does not make the bag look bulky, as it can be neatly stowed on the side or laid at the bottom of the pouch or bag.

Overall, the size and shape of Melt Awf’s packaging are perfect for those on the go who need an effective makeup cleanser.

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Melt Awf’s Packaging Design Allows Ease of Use Through Its Easy Squeeze Bottle

Another highlight of Fenty Skin's Melt Awf packaging design is its easy squeeze feature.

Because of its jelly-like consistency, the product must be dispensed easily. Therefore, the designers ensured the bottle had an easy squeeze feature for ease of use. All you need to do is to press the top of the bottle firmly to pump an adequate amount of the product.

Users don’t have to worry about the product leaking since there’s a cap to prevent leakages.

Most branding agencies create designs that effectively convey the intended message while maintaining a visually pleasing overall composition. Here, the labels and the needed text are printed clearly on the bottle to ensure that people can quickly identify the bottle even without seeing it up close.

The texts are also the right size for easy readability without confusing the buyers or compromising the design aesthetic.

Indeed, this packaging design combines efficiency and aesthetics that benefit the brand and its customer base.

Neatly packed beauty

The Packaging Design for Fenty Skin’s Melt Awf Secures Product Effectively Through a Durable Outer Casing

The designers created an outer casing made of rigid plastic that protects the easy squeeze bottle to ensure that the product inside won't be squeezed when placed at the bottom of the bag.

The protective outer casing also makes the product look simple yet classy.

To top it off, the pastel colors on the outer casing give the product a subtle touch of femininity.

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This also shows Fenty Skin's commitment to providing its customers with the best quality products, from the packaging design to the product itself. Make sure to check out our article on best beauty product packaging designs.

Indeed, the packaging design for Fenty Skin's Melt Awf is a successful design that heightens the class and substance of the product.

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