IONIA Limited Edition Dark Packaging Design

IONIA olive oil aims to incorporate ancient Greek tradition into its design. What may seem like a fun, bold layout actually has another meaning behind it that connects this modern olive oil brand to the traditions of the past.

IONIA Limited Edition Amazing Packaging Design

In ancient Greece, people would decorate their olive oil containers in their own unique way. To maintain that feeling of original design from the ancient Greeks, IONIA had a range of label formats created for their bottle; each one looks unique. This immediately sets IONIA apart from almost every other brand that values a consistent appearance on every product. However, the brand identity is not lost in any design. Turn the bottles so the name cannot be seen, and a bystander would still recognize an IONIA bottle, regardless of label composition.

IONIA Limited Edition Packaging Design

With so many unique labels on the containers, some IONIA bottles sport a dark, bold label. Others are brighter, with some lines and shapes drawn on. It almost feels like every bottle is another to add to a consumer’s collection. The words, “The history of uniqueness,” are shown on each label, right below the logo. That brand statement isn’t just four short words; it clearly extends into their design and visual branding.

IONIA delivers a unique label design for each, unique person. Their company doesn’t just bring the taste of ancient Greece home, it also carries the appearance, feel, and experience.

IONIA Limited Edition is an amazing packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.