Lean Cuisine Best Package Design

The designers at Pearlfish and Nestle had a difficult task to rebrand one of the world’s most well-known microwave diet food brands into a more health-focused, quality-focused food. Rebranding any company is never easy. Rebranding a company that almost all consumers know about is a monumental challenge.

By cleaning up and simplifying the packaging design for Lean Cuisine, designers were able to change the perception of the brand from microwaveable, prepackaged dinner to a quality, health food product.

Lean Cuisine Package Design

The new, black background immediately makes the product feel more bold than their old, white packaging. On top of the background is a closeup of the dish inside. This tells customers that there’s nothing to hide and that microwaveable food can also look great.

Clean white text also states “no preservatives.” This is another small element that helps health conscious consumers choose Lean Cuisine over other brands that may not make similar statements on their packaging. As well, in a colorful purple rectangle, they also display the amount of protein in the meal for those who may be counting how many grams of protein they consume in their diet.

The result of this rebrand is a 7% growth in sales and a 3% growth of market share in a food category that has been declining in recent years. This success goes to show that a packaging rebrand can have a massive effect on consumer buying habits. From white and bland to dark and bold - Lean Cuisine is enjoying fat profits.

Lean Cuisine is a best package design in the Food & Beverage industry.