Five Star Lager Craft Beer

Baderbräu Brewing And Lyft Unite With Colorful Beer Packaging Design

Lyft is looking for new customers — and what do all people love? Craft beer.

Lyft partnered up with Chicago’s Baderbräu Brewing to create a unique and tantalizing new beer — Five Star Lager. Those who have tasted it agree that the flavors in this lager come together to create a beer reminisce of a “Munich Helles-style lager with a medium body and refreshing finish.”

But what does Lyft have to do with beer from a branding standpoint?

A lot if you think about it.

The partnership aims to promote safe driving and safe drinking, and considering this beer is only available at bars and not in stores, it’s a pretty intelligent partnership. Bar-goers who partake in a Five Star Lager on their next night out will also receive 60 percent off their next Lyft ride.

According to David Katcher, the midwest GM for Lyft:

We decided to partner with Baderbräu for the Five Star Lager launch to encourage more Chicagoans to travel responsibly when they’re out on the town. It was important to us to work with a local brewery that cares as much about Chicago as we do, and we found an excellent partner in Baderbräu

Chicagoans, rejoice! These colorful and tasty beers are available now.

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Five Star Logo & Lyft Beer

Bright Color And Clean Shapes Stand Out In This Beer Packaging Design

According to Baderbräu Brewing founder Rob Sama:

Five Star Lager is a no-nonsense, bright-tasting beer that is perfect for a nightcap. We think it will appeal to avid craft beer drinkers as well as those who are new to the craft beer scene.

But it’s not just the flavor of this beer that grabs attention.

These cans are the perfect little pop of color, standing out prominently on any bar top or table. The background of these cans is a bright, clean white which is a mesmerizing backdrop for the colorful and exciting design that takes center stage.

Using geometric shapes, color layering and minimal copy, this design is a knockout. After seeing this can in someone's hand, you're instantly compelled to get one of your own. 

Lyft uses their signature pink as the main color of this design with the addition of a bright and vivid purple — a smart decision on their part considering color increases brand awareness by about 80 percent.

Down one side of the can are the signature pink Lyft stars — five of them of course. On the other side, the name is spelled out in a funky and modern way. Using abstract shapes, you see the name “Five Star Lager” spelled out — only in place of the word "star" is another bright pink star.

And you can’t forget the Lyft promo code that sits on the side of the can either — reminding you to stay safe and get a sober ride home.

Perfect ratings all around!

There’s still a touch of the Baderbräu Brewing personality on the can though too. You can see the brand’s grey and white logo, with its motto “love your beer” on the side.

24,000 cans have been released in the Chicago area, and Lyft has already seen successes with this brand partnership.

Even without the admirable and honorable message behind the campaign, these packaging designs stand out. They’re bright and exciting without being too chaotic or obnoxious. Even with the varying colors and shapes, this design remains clean, modern and sleek.

This is a beer you want to drink — and one you’d feel particularly good about drinking too.

Budweiser Vintage Car

Lyft And Its Revolutionary B2C Brand Partnerships

This is just the recent brand partnership that Lyft has engaged with recently.

Back in October for the release of Strange Things season 2, Lyft partnered with the popular Netflix show to create a “Strange Mode” for Lyft riders in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. The experience allowed users to get an immersive and interactive Stranger Things Lyft experience.

The car acted like an immersive theater complete with sound effects, creepy music, creepy crawlies, flickering lights and phantom hands reaching around. It was an exciting and adrenaline pumping experience that promoted the new season, as well as increased Lyft’s own brand awareness.

Another partnership that made headlines was Lyft’s partnership with Budweiser. Back in October, the two teamed up to release a fleet of classic cars from the 1930s. These vintage cars, fitted with Budweiser logo stickers, hit the streets of New York City in style.

Lyft was more than excited to help promote the new Budweiser beer, Lyft VP of Marketing Melissa Waters saying:

When Budweiser told us they wanted to offer a fleet of vintage cars to launch Repeal Reserve, we knew Lyft was the perfect option to celebrate the new recipe in a stylish and unexpected way. We encourage everyone to make the right choice to drink responsibly and keep our roads safe, and that’s why we continue to team up with Budweiser, a brand that shares the same commitment.

Brand partnerships are important, and Lyft has become a pro at leveraging these relationships to increase brand awareness, establish its brand identity and expand its audience.

The latest foray into craft beer is just another example of Lyft using its name and prominence to its advantage. The brand knows how to listen to its audience, and knows what they want to see. Lyft is killing the marketing game, all other brands take note.

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