Palermo Body (slide 1)

Palermo Body is a handmade collection of a beauty products made with all natural ingredients. Every ingredient has its purpose and it was carefully picked for different types of skin. The packaging was designed by SDCO Partners with the same goals, to create simple and nice looking packaging with meaningful elements.

Palermo Body (slide 2)

Each packaging has colorful elements, where each piece could portray an ingredient of each product, creating one whole piece when put together. Each product is slightly different, but related through colors and that represent the ingredients. These elements are repeated throughout this family of products, making the brand language very cohesive and united.

Palermo Body (slide 3)

The packaging materials were carefully chosen to showcase the beautiful and natural colors of each product. Typography is modern and simple, with minimal amount texts that creates a perfect combination of strong aesthetics and high-end products. The color palette is also minimal — it has plenty of white space, highlighted by delicate and muted colors. 

Palermo Body (slide 4)

This is a great example of simple but beautiful packaging. It has the feeling of a luxury brand which simultaneously exudes the feeling of a high-quality product. 

Palermo Body is a minimalist packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.