Rivelles package design — aluminum cases

Rivelles Packaging Design Proves That Judging A Book By Its Cover Is Not Always A Bad Thing

A quick glance at any rivelles product should be enough for a prospective customer to realize that when it comes to sustainability, the brand means business.  

Sustainability is at the core of this Austrian beauty and skincare brand — and the packaging design is what really drives that message home.  

Some sustainable skincare brands choose to showcase their commitment to recycled and biodegradable materials through detailed explanations and graphics on the packaging.  

Rivelles takes a radically different approach, following the ever-relevant mantra of “less is more.”  

In rivelles’ case, the aim is not to tell the consumer how sustainable and environmentally friendly the brand’s products are — but to allow the products and the packaging to speak for themselves.  

Rivelles package design is the domain of almost Scandinavian minimalism and elegance. However, minimalism, in this case, does not equate to obvious simplicity 

The packaging of each rivelles product is a result of countless hours dedicated to R&D, even if it may not look like it at first glance. It's a great example of how packaging designers skillfully embody the brand's essence within a restrained aesthetic. 

Rivelles package design — outer boxes

The Packaging Design Of Rivelles Products Manifests The Brand’s Philosophy

Founded in Vienna in 2013, rivelles’ brand philosophy is built around the number 100.  

It is a 100% independent company that offers 100% organic and vegan products made from 100% natural and locally sourced ingredients.  

As such, it is only natural that rivelles would aim for 100% sustainability — especially in packaging. 

Packaging is often a problematic topic when it comes to sustainability in the beauty and personal care industry.  

Most beauty and skincare products — such as make-up, shampoo, soap and all kinds of gels and lotions — still come in unrecyclable or only partially recyclable plastic packaging.  

Considering that the global beauty and personal care market is valued at over $500 billion, that’s a lot of plastic that ends up in landfills, rivers and oceans.  

Luckily, more and more beauty brands and branding experts are moving away from using unrecyclable materials — and rivelles might just be at the forefront of these efforts.  

Rivelles package design — lip balm

Rivelles Packaging Exemplifies The Commitment To Recycling That Beauty Brands Should Aim For  

So what is it that makes rivelles’ package design so special?  

Apart from aligning with the brand’s “100% natural, 100% sustainable” philosophy, the packaging of rivelles products manages to follow the two best practices of sustainability at once — recycling and reusing.  

Take the rivelles Marille Lip Balm. It's packaged in a slim two-piece container that looks like it’s made out of your typical “skincare product” white plastic.  

Except that it’s not.  

The packaging of the rivelles lip balm is composed of 100% renewable raw materials — mainly of lignin, an organic polymer which is a by-product of the papermaking industry. Since lignin occurs naturally in wood and bark, it is biodegradable with both fungi or bacteria.  

Another example of rivelles’ commitment to implementing recycled and recyclable materialsis the brand’s Walnuss Hand & Face Wash.  

The wash comes in a bottle that has a rustic, wood-like look with a realistic texture and feel.  

As you could expect, it’s more than just a look — the bottles that rivelles uses for its hair care and cleansing products consist of 40% by-products of the wood processing industry.  

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Rivelles package design — tube with a reusable aluminum cap

The Rivelles Method: Whenever A Packaging Cannot Be Made Out Of Recyclable Materials, It Can Be Reusable

As mentioned above, rivelles does not only tackle the challenging of recycling with its packaging, but also encourages its customers to reuse the existing packaging as much as possible.  

And considering both the design and the craftsmanship behind this packaging, the customers really shouldn’t need much convincing.  

The most prominent rivelles products that follow this approach are thethe Lift Eye Cream and the Eclectic Hand Balm, made from all-aluminum tubes 

Both products feature a reusable aluminum cap and can be purchased with or without it.The customers only need to purchase the entire package once and whenever the product runs out, they can simply order a refill without the cap included.  

This approach does not only improve brand loyalty, but also drastically reduces the environmental impact of the product.

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Rivelles package design — the minimalist visual aesthetic

Rivelles’ Commitment To Sustainability Does Not Come AtThe Expense Of Design And Creativity — In Fact, They Only Complement Each Other  

Up until this point, we’ve only discussed the environmental aspects of rivelles’ packaging without diving as much into its visual design.  

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t much to dive into. The brand’s packaging is a rare case where form does not only meet function, but also enhances it.  

Rivelles products look and feel organic, natural, unpolished and unprocessed — because they are.  

The aluminum tubes of the Lift Eye Cream and the Eclectic Hand Balm, as well as the rigid aluminum cases for the brand’s face care products are all handmade, which means that each one of them is unique.  

Perhaps the only element of the package design that somewhat stands out from the rustic aesthetic are the small silver labels that contain all the necessary information about the respective products.  

And even the labels only stand out to an extent with their muted colors and delicate fonts — all to ensure the elegant minimalist appeal of the rivelles brand.  

With its package design, rivelles managed to achieve the coveted goal of all B2C brands — making the packaging of its products speak for itself and serve as extension of the product, not just as a vessel.  

Add the brand’s commitment to sustainability to the equation and it’s easy to see why rivelles’ approach to product designs serve as an inspiring example for all beauty brands to follow.  

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