Suavina Stuning Package Design

Creative agency Lavernia & Cienfuegos helped design the brand packaging for Calduch Laboratorios’ lip-care product Suavina. Founded in Spain in 1880, the company boasts of a unique history, and the packaging design of the brand reflects it well.

The design represents a classic imagery of the 135 year-old product. It features pastel shades, and a cream and red packaging. It is firmly rooted in history, but also has elements of modern graphic style.

Suavina Retro Package Design

The box features a colorful and fun logo, and ‘1880’ -- the year it was founded has been printed on the other side, to assert the product’s stronghold and long history in the lipcare market.

Suavina Cute Package Design

There are three flavors, and all three have different colors: peach, yellow, and green. The shades are all subtle, pastel, and visually very appealing. They complement each other well, while also providing a gentle contrast. The box for each differently colored lip balm has the Suavina name written in the same color along with a matching logo, providing a sense of uniformity. The font on the containers uses space effectively, spreading across the width in long, textured letters. The effect is an attractive yet minimal design.

Suavina Gorgeous Logo Design

The container of the Suavina lip cream is an updated version of the tin container the company was previously using. The surface is curved and the edges are rounded, to give a feel of smoothness, reflecting the brand identity. The result is a modern-looking and visually attractive container, providing the brand with a younger identity.

Suavina Package Design

The packaging of Suavina lip-balm evokes a sense of familiarity, convenience, and elegant comfort. It conveys both tradition as well as modernity through elements like the font, rounded design, and the light color tones. It also conveys that an old and established brand is willing to grow with the current trends and times.

Suavina is a gorgeous package design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Medical & Pharmacy industries.