Space Age Gorgeous Packaging Design

There are thousands of cosmetic beauty brands that march to beauty store shelves and compete for attention in a sea of boundless options. To truly stand out, beauty products must have a package design so unique that one must look twice before picking up the product to make sure their eyes aren’t causing acute hallucination.

Enter Space Age—a cosmetic brand concet designed by Burak Ozcan. The goal of Burak was to create an identity that celebrates individual beauty and empowers women to light the torch of their bold and beautiful differences and carry them to the highest mountains past the judgmental glare of societies for the world to see.

Space Age Stunning Packaging Design

This is a packaging design concept that appeals to the technology generation.  Ozcan is not saying women are merely beautiful. He is saying each woman is the most beautiful thing in all the universes regardless of others' opinions.

Space Age Colorful Packaging Design

The intergalactic female character features a variety of colors and looks sheik and cool. Different shades of purple and aqua blue merge with green and red to deliver a cosmic punch of beauty.

Space Age Elegant Packaging Design

The end result of Ozcan’s efforts is a message that the beauty industry is in dire need of: You are beautiful for you. You are beautiful in your own way even if you were being judged with the women in a hundred other universes. Even if you were being judged on an intergalactic scale, all the opinions of the universe are frail in comparison to your own unique qualities both physically and mentally. Science postulates that multiple universes exist thanks to a little concept called string theory. In fact, String Theory proposes that there are millions of us, each in different realities.

Until that theory is proven, here is what we know: there still is only one of you. Celebrate it.

Space Age Beautiful Print Design

Cosmetic brands have been relentless in conveying the perfect woman dazzled in magazines that feature photos only possible because of Adobe Photoshop. This is a concept that breaks the norms by utilizing space-themed illustrations on the packaging to evoke the feeling that you are the most unique you in the universe.

Space Age is a beautiful packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.