Kleer Packaging Design by EightySeven

Kleer Skincare Packaging Design Follows Trends While Carving Its Own Path

Everyone deserves the best care in the world, so finding a skincare brand that caters to your needs and everyone else’s is essential.

Kleer Skincare believes that great skincare is for everyone, regardless of skin type or skin condition. The brand wants to ensure that no one gets left behind in getting the best quality of skincare available in the market.

They are very consistent with their brand values so much that they want their packaging design to reflect their values of inclusivity and equality.

Thus, the Kleer Skincare packaging design was born. It has all the qualities of the company and even more.

The Kleer Skincare Packaging Design Connects to Consumers Through Relatable Color Story

The first thing you will notice when you buy a product from them is the color of their packaging. They used white and brown, communicating pure branding and vision to their consumers.

Most skincare brands use white since it represents purity and cleanliness. The designers bravely took this typical route, adding brown to the mix. And in the end, creating a standout color story that blends well.

Aside from banking on the color's aesthetic value, design agency EightySeven utilized brown to show the brand's promise that its products are for everyone.

These colors effectively connect to their target audience, sending a subtle message that everyone is welcome regardless of skin type or color.

That's precisely how packaging design experts make deliberate color choices to convey inclusive messaging and create a sense of belonging!

Kleer Skincare Packaging Design

The Matte Texture of Kleer Skincare Packaging Design Echoes Its Promises

Most skincare brands typically use glossy textures for their packaging designs to reflect how classy and sophisticated they are.

The designers have nothing against trends like this, but they know that if the brand's goal is to stand out, they must be different.

EightySeven created designs for Kleer Skincare with a mattified finish, evident across different packaging types: bottles, canisters and tubes.

And if you think about it, matte is also the ideal face finish for those with oily and combination skin.

They want to send a message that they can help you look your best and be assured that their promises are delivered, starting with their product packaging design (Here’s how you can craft the best messaging that fits your brand).

In addition, the matte finish on the packaging gives them a trendy and updated feel. This shows the company’s connection to the latest branding and packaging trends.

Following branding and packaging trends every now and then is vital because it shows how up-to-date you are with what’s happening around you. In return, it helps you overtake the competition.

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The Cutout Packaging Style Adds a Level of Uniqueness

Another remarkable thing about the Kleer Skincare packaging design is the cutout of the letter K styled in the company’s official branding image on the box packaging of every product.

The cutout gets “colored” by the packaging of the tube inside, which is also a great design strategy.

This shows how sustainable the brand is because they could have printed the stylized K in the box with the same color as the tube, but they decided to go this route.

This was a creative move on the packaging designer’s end, complementing the whole packaging amazingly.

In addition, not everyone has done this design trick, so this is a plus point for them to stand out from the competition. It shows how branding professionals can innovatively leverage design elements to create a distinctive and sustainable brand identity!

Because of their unique take on sustainable design, customers would easily see their products in a sea of white and safe colors in pharmacies and drugstore stands.

Kleer Packaging Design by EightySeven

Kleer Skincare Strengthens Relevance by Staying Trendy yet Innovative

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong with staying on trend. Trends bring in money, so why not use it to your advantage?

By following the latest box packaging design trends, the company has shown its dedication to giving its customers the most updated products with the same or improved results across the board.

Using the trends to your advantage is a smart way to earn brand recognition, translating to revenue and heightened relevance. In the end, it’s still a win.

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