Thracian Packaging Design

Standout Features:

  • Pristine white pump bottles
  • Clean, minimalistic front layout
  • Comprehensive back information

The Thracian Body Milk packaging perfectly marries functionality with aesthetic purity. Sonya Portfolio designed the containers with pristine white exteriors that reflect the product's soothing attributes. It also makes the vibrant text detailing the brand and product contents stand out!

The front of the bottle keeps it simple and direct, presenting the brand name, product type, and key ingredients in a minimal layout. It allows the benefits of body milk to be immediately apparent.

Meanwhile, the back of the bottle is meticulously organized to provide detailed product information. It includes ingredients, usage instructions, and benefits – all laid out in a thin, dainty sans-serif font that maintains the packaging’s elegant and soothing theme.

This design enhances the user experience and conveys a sense of luxury and care, which appeals directly to the discerning consumer!

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