Xinu (slide 1)

The best fragrances are always thought to come from countries like France and Italy. So, when a cologne made in the Americas seeks to break into the market; they have to do more than just smell great. They have to look great, too.

Xinu (slide 2)

The hourglass design of the Xinu bottle and lid contrasts well. The clean, minimalist glass is topped with a polished wood. The bottle is very modern, with a touch of a natural, rustic feel.

Xinu (slide 3)

Not only does the bottle look incredible, the retail box is stunning as well. A minimalist design with a folded paper appearance tells customers that effort was put into this product. Every crease looks like it was hand-folded and custom-made for each individual buyer. The bottle sits perfectly inside the box, like a prize waiting to be unveiled. Most of all, there is nothing bold or outrageous to take away from the brand’s identity. Typography is muted and subtle. Even the illustrated design on the box is understated, like a pattern rather than a central focus. The focal point is the entire box itself.

It’s not easy to enter a market with names like Dior, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, and Gucci. Xinu is clearly going to have to punch above its weight if it hopes to obtain a sizeable market share. Their packaging design is clearly a step in the right direction. This bottle can hang with the bottles of any other luxury brand available.

Xinu is an outstanding packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.