Air Canada – Your World Awaits Amazing Print Design

Air Canada is the country’s largest airline. They needed a new ad campaign to promote the shiny new Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane. This, the new campaign was born -- Air Canada: Your World Awaits. They created an advertising strategy to promote the new machine, which was presented in newspapers and television around Toronto.

Air Canada – Your World Awaits Great Print Design

The creative concept is based on portraits of men and women, captured in double exposure in beautiful places all around the world. The ads have beautiful soft color tones and give us the impression of tranquility and relaxation while traveling. The composition is made up of two images: a background photo and a photo of a person that merges perfectly with the landscape view in a masterpiece of composition.

Air Canada – Your World Awaits Print Design

The way these images are created captures viewers' attention through both great design and strong messaging. There is a great use of negative space, giving the content enough room to breathe and the image composition to take action in a perfectly harmonious ad.

Air Canada - Your World Awaits is an amazing print design in the Aerospace industry.