Atamira Dance Company Amazing Print Design

A creative, jaw-dropping dance show deserves a promotional print design that matches the spirit of the show. Osborne Shiwan design managed to capture the creativity and storytelling of Atamira Dance Company with this printed layout.

Atamira Dance Company Stunning Print Design

The dark pages help highlight the black and white action shots. The red color used throughout the brochure ties everything together, giving the pages a nice, cohesive feel.

Atamira Dance Company Elegant Print Design

White pages with more information contrast the gripping, interesting dark pages. The typography on the white pages is bold, but not distracting. The red color maintains consistency and helps pull the viewer’s eye around the page to the different elements and sections.

Atamira Dance Company Print Design

It’s remarkable how a design can use only three colors and still seem very complicated and intricate. The photos do an amazing job of inspiring awe as you flip through the brochure. Most importantly, the designer allowed the dancers of the show to be the star of this booklet. They used the creative canvas of the dancers’ bodies and built their design around that.

Atamira Dance Company is an amazing print design in the Arts & Recreation industry.