Autumn Pattern Collection

Autumn-Themed Patterns by Anna Starovoitova Features Beautiful Imagery that Evokes Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

There’s something about Autumn you could just swoon over: roads covered in bright leaves, chilly mornings spent by the fireplace, and smoke billowing out of every chimney.

Those who love the fall season’s vibrant yet soft and comforting aesthetic will gravitate towards this Autumn-inspired pattern collection and notebook design by Anna Starovoitova.

This ensemble is enough to make you feel like the season is here to stay all year long. It features all the Autumnal symbols we’ve grown to love: rustic leaves, pumpkins, rain clouds, boots and so on.

Having these images stamped into your notebooks, postcards, and stationery, as you drink your cup of coffee will remind you of all the best things about this season – the rush of nostalgia and the renewed sense of optimism.

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Autumn Pattern Notebook Design by Anna Starovotoiva

Hand-Drawn Illustrations in Anna Starovotoiva’s Autumn Notebook Design Makes for an Artistic Journaling Experience

Writing down your notes, planning your days and preparing your to-do list have never looked better with this autumn-infused notebook layout.

Aside from the classic patterned image of Autumnal symbols printed on the cover, the inside pages are adorned with illustrations of leaves, flowers and buds dressed in the season’s shades, too.

Making this print design extra special is the hand-drawn and hand-painted aesthetic that adds an extra layer of artistry and authenticity to the papers (Learn more about the best graphic design trends here).

The slightly jagged lines are also a great touch. The hand-drawn style matches the illustrations’ artistic quality, blending the whole layout well with the writing.

This traditional hand-drawn styling inside, paired with the modern vector art outside, is a match made in heaven!

Autumn Print Design by Anna Starovotoiva

Vector Icons Add a Contemporary Touch in Anna Starovotoiva’s Autumn Pattern Collection

Patterns could very easily lend themselves to being too simple and underwhelming. Repetitive images can be tricky, and designers must find a way to balance cohesiveness and dynamics (See more stationery examples here).

Anna Starovoitova did a marvelous job designing a pattern that looks clean and organized yet visually appealing with every glance.

The designer incorporated at least three different vector icons for each pattern and arranged them in alternating positions. Way to add contrast and variation!

Also, the varying sizes made the designs more interesting to look at! The icons in the pattern mesh well together with this type of layout.

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Autumn Pattern Collection and Notebook Designs

Earthy and Vibrant Shades Weave a Nature-Inspired Color Story in Anna Starovoitova’s Autumn Pattern Collection and Notebook Design

When we think of Autumn, bright pops of color come to mind. It's fascinating to see the surroundings change color from lush green to fiery red (Read more about Color Psychology here). That’s also probably one of the reasons why people love the season so much.

In this exquisite pattern collection and notebook design by Anna Starovoitova, the vibrant and earthy colors of Fall are a marvelous sight.

Deep and luscious shades of brown, orange and red embrace all the printed materials, capturing the whole Autumn experience. The warmth and homely vibe of these colors shine through despite the low temperatures brought by the season.

The designer also threw in light colors like white, yellow and beige to balance the richness of these dark shades. It’s also the perfect visual representation of what the fall season is truly about: welcoming a fresh start.

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