Fieldwork Brewing Company Gorgeous Print Design

In 2016, Fieldwork Brewing Company launched their Adventure Series, a limited release series of cans that prompted fans of the brewery to wait in line for hours just to get their hands on them. In just 10 months, the brewery has released 57 different beers in a wide array of styles, featuring photography from all over the world that has a vintage National Geographic quality to it. Designed by San Francisco based creative agency Gamut, the many labels for Fieldwork Brewing Company all have a unified look.

Fieldwork Brewing Company Retro Print Design

Fieldwork Brewing Company wanted a simple template for its print design that would allow the flexibility to generate label designs in rapid succession without developing an entirely new design each time. The print design is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and all the labels have a consistent design, even though they are all different.

The print design for Fieldwork Brewing Company makes for instant brand recognition, tying into the concept of adventure, exploration, and the outdoors. The labels each contain a very visually appealing image, atop which text is printed in a clear, white font. The font is well-spaced and easy to read, enhancing the design experience. The color tones used also catch the eye, and stand out remarkably, while perfectly tying in with the brand’s identity. The print design uses shape and space incredibly well, ensuring that attention stays on the written content as well as the images.

Fieldwork Brewing Company Print Design

In all, Fieldwork Brewing Company’s print design makes for an excellent visual experience. It is creatively designed and executed, engages with the audience, and uses colors well. It has a great balance between text and visual content, ensuring that all the relevant information is present in an attractive way. It utilizes contrast efficiently, and the best quality about the print design is that all the labels tie in well together with one-another.

Fieldwork Brewing Company is a retro print design in the Food & Beverage industry.