Hemsloejden Vivid Print Design

Snask set out to transform the typical associations people had with Swedish handicraft, including old butter knives, knitting, and anything else made by hand. They incorporated the rich history and experience of the association to their modern rebranding approach. 

Hemsloejden Stunning Print Design

The color palette is bright and fun, the typography is bold. It retains a traditional feel with a serif typeface. The logo graphics are simple yet retain that handmade feel. Snask utilized those graphical elements to create various patterns for additional pieces.

Hemsloejden Fun Print Design

The logo type was created to work as both a flat element and an item in handicraft form; a 3D element can actually be made out of the materials.


Hemsloejden Colorful Print Design

The full-color logo exudes that 3D feel, while the one-color logos greatly simplify that effect. 

Hemsloejden Print Design

All in all, the branding is bright, fun, and retains timeless and traditional elements. The prints have a flair for modern touch that ensure they are desirable. 

Hemsloejden is a vivid print design in the Arts & Recreation industry.