Orluna print design

Orluna Print Design Conjures Brand’s Soft Lights & Natural Leanings

Orluna is an interior lighting company from Watford, UK. In the brand’s own words, they produce light solutions “inspired by the natural light found in Provence, where artists have flocked for centuries.”

These words became inspiration to the brand's creative agency Brave as they designed Orluna's brand book. Orluna print design, in this case – a brand book - has captured the essence of the new line of interior LED lighting with remarkable colors and soft tones.

A fine selection of highly stylized photographs is the cornerstone of this brand book whose attention to detail is meticulous. Its general aesthetics, inspired by nature, does resemble impressionists’ artworks - not least because of the extensive use of flowers on their photo sets.

The agency collaborated with the 3D artist Gonzalo Miranda to create high-quality renders of all the products to showcase the lit effect in various environments.

There is a direct correlation between Orluna’s philosophy of light and the execution of the brochure: inspired by the “particular time of day when the world is bathed in the softest, purest and most beautiful light there is,” this print design is an on-brand extension of Orluna’s identity.

Orluna print logo construction

The Logo’s Interlocking Circles Signify Orluna’s Inventive Lighting Products

The sphere as a shape or an object has a rich symbolism in spirituality, astronomy – even in psychology. It is an archetypal form of order, wholeness and perfection.

Orluna print design’s logo has a distinctive circular structure that is inspired by the “form, function and the very nature of light”, according to the creative agency.

The interlocking circles in the brand name’s “O” signify uplights, downlights and spotlights – the three separate types of Orluna products that together make an impeccable ambient lighting effect.

This “trinity” of lights also comes from something rooted deep in Orluna’s brand mission: to strive for the beautifully lit ambience that is second only to the natural light.

Within the context of the catalog, Orluna’s logo doesn’t stick out as a sore thumb compared to the rest of the written content. Its typography is perfectly complementary and well-integrated with its text.

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Orluna print inside pages

Orluna Print Design’s Circular Typography Is Both Bold And Elegant

Orluna print design’s visual identity captures the essence of the brand’s lighting products with simple forms. This includes the typography which contributes substantially to the said identity.

The classy, accessible and, above all, legible Lineto font is also circular to match the bold use of rounded geometric forms in the logo and other imagery. The font type is sans-serif. Together with colors and images, it creates a new notion of luxury and class which is typically reserved for serif fonts.

In the words of the brand book creators, the typeface “cements, elevates and enhances the entire brand architecture” by being a “perfect marriage of purity, warmth and functionality.”

The text using this font comes in contrasting black or white color, depending on whether it sits on the white page or any other color in this publication’s rich palette.

Branding design agencies create brand books. It's a creative document that contains design guidelines the brand should follow, such as colors, fonts, icons, etc.

Orluna print design photography

The Graceful & Vivid Palette Breaks Away From The Industry’s Tendency To Stereotypically Masculine Palettes

Speaking of Orluna print design colors, the Brave agency took a particularly brave and thoughtful approach when deciding on the hues.

Before settling on the brand colors, they have researched and identified a “heavy masculine bias to the (lightning) sector.” Dark monochromes dominate this particular industry – so Brave decided to go in an entirely opposite direction, more fitting to the gentle nature of Orluna’s lights.

They developed a vibrant and very feminine palette of colors that commands attention. Warm salmon pink, peach and coral tones give the publication a very luxurious and modern feel. These colors embody the brand’s trademark tones and help form an emotional connection with the viewer.

Orluna print design

Orluna Print Design Is About Feeling & Experiencing The Brand On Paper

With Orluna print design, Brave has succeeded in translating something as intangible and nonmaterial as light to a paper brochure.

Orluna’s well-defined brand mission, market position and philosophy certainly helped with that: their leanings towards nature, arts and simplicity are qualities that point to a certain art direction this publication closely follows.

But it’s one thing to follow directions – expertly implementing them into a finished product is a another. High-performing graphic designers are some creative professionals who can make sense of these directions to a T. 

As Orluna’s products are about their visual impact and the atmosphere, this print design also had to be atmospheric and experiential, more so than blunt and intellectual.

For all the reasons discussed in this article and their rethinking of the sector’s color palette, Brave deservingly takes home August 2021’s Best Design award for Orluna print design.

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