Heritage: A User’s Manual Contemporary Print Design

‘Heritage: A User’s Manual’ was an exhibition at Southbank Centre’s Archive Studio in London. The agency ‘Bond’ were commissioned to design a holistic visual identity for the exhibition.

The exhibition, which is curated by MA Culture, Criticism and Curation students from Central Saint Martins, was founded on the belief that the heritage of a building is characterised by the ever-changing contributions of its community. It’s this belief that was used as the foundation from which the print designs were created.

Heritage: A User’s Manual Great Print Design

The visual identity comprised of utilitarian and structural cuts and letter shapes. This, combined with bright colors, warm grays and material quality was the perfect combination for the required project.

The typeface, created by MuirMcNeil, is reductive and seems to have a sense of timelessness around it. It’s appropriately used as a strong and consistent motif throughout the designs and is representative of the time period covered by the exhibition.

Heritage: A User’s Manual Modern Print Design

The design delivers a visual impact from distance and is able to draw out the headlines used i the print materials. There is a clear connection with architectural structure throughout, and even at first glance you can’t help be sense that the designs relate to some structural brand or exhibition. The sharp, clean-cut graphics only add to the architectural feel of the materials.

Heritage: A User’s Manual Print Design

The color palette brings together the urban and constructive traits of both cool and warm grays, as well as the clarity of black and white. The striking red is used effectively along with some other colored covers. It begs for attention and adds some well-timed energy to the design. Black foils add a layer of material quality and a bit of cheer, which couples well with the architectural component of the exhibition.

Overall, the designs do a simple yet compelling job of referencing the past and ensuring that they’re reflective of the ever-changing contributions of the Heritage’s community.

Heritage: A User’s Manual is a contemporary print design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.