Argo Beautiful Print Design

Argo is consulting agency based in Romania which specializes in art investigation and history. The main objective of the firm is to discover new artistic work. During the development of their brand they created a modern museum-like sensation using a simple color palette.

The use of black and white in tandem with a metallic gold forms the basis for what is a clean, sharp and precise design. One of the main benefits of this approach was that it allowed the creative flair used on some of the print materials to shine and take precedent.

Argo Elegant Print Design

The golden shades evoke a feeling of trust, worth, and a sense that Argo value their traditions and history. Too much gold can add a negative sense of overconfidence to a brand, but thanks to the stronger black color used this isn’t the case.

Argo Simple Print Design

Interestingly, Argo uses it’s own artwork for its brand communication. This is an incredibly effective means of achieving a sense of belonging and pride to their own work. The dramatic and colorful designs represent the curiosity and discovery that the company lives on.

Argo Clean Print Design

A bold and heavy font is used on their company label ‘ARGO’, but it’s accompanied by quite subtle styles of typeface which could probably be better classified as serif.

They additionally created an emblem inspired by a compass. It has the sole purpose of highlighting the brand's main function, to discover artwork.

Argo Print Design

On some of the print materials Argo have opted to introduce an overlapping effect using some text and their emblem or a graphic. This adds a little well-timed artistic flavour to what are normally fairly conservative marketing materials for most other companies.

Argo is a beautiful print design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.