Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Contemporary Print Design

The Helsinki-Philharmonic Orchestra is based in Helsinki, Finland. Consisting of over 102 musicians, the orchestra produces breathtaking sound and emotionally moving symphonies sure to bring goosebumps to any concert goer.

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Stunning Print Design

Bond Agency was called upon to fortify the brand image and visual identity. What resulted was genius print design that conveys the power and energy of the music.

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Great Print Design

This captures the energy of this marveling orchestra. The posters are placed in bus stations and are in black and white. They look astounding. They reveal the power of sound in a still image. One bus stop poster contains the words “BIG BANG THERAPY” to further cement the driving force of 102 musicians as they ignite the air with a sound akin to existential fire.

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Dark Print Design

The logo features the Founders Grotesk Condensed and it is visually power hungry. Each of the 102 musician names are vertically mirror one another like a soundwave of musical notes.

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Elegant Print Design

The business cards feature indented vertical lines on top and vertical lines on the bottom that pop out to give them a wonderful texture and experience.

Founders Grotesk Condensed and Typonine Stencil fonts capture the bold and vibrant sound of 102 musical masterminds.

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Print Design

Bond Agency not only brought the Helsinki-Philharmonic Orchestra a new identity — they captured soundwaves on paper. They highlighted the 102 unique individuals that merge as one symphonic being of synergy.

They crystalized their sound in a sonic medley of printing prowess.

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra is a contemporary print design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.