Maison Des Seniors Center Fun Print Design

The Maison Des Seniors Center in the city of Chalon-sur-Saone is am embracing location where the exchange of information benefits the daily lives of the elderly.

Grapheine created a wonderful and relevant series of print designs that extend from brochures to public bus stops to generate a maximum level of awareness.

The logo features a tranquil blue background and red crown that sits atop a tilted "e" letter.

The saying below translates to "Living well the privilege of age."

Grapheine does a phenomenal job by incorporating this crown symbol in the branding. The crown is a promise.

A promise to provide seniors with the treatment that they deserve like kings and queens.

Maison Des Seniors Center Great Print Design

The term "privilege of age" refers to the privilege of medieval lords and the wisdom that comes with advancing age.

Grapheine brilliantly thrusts this metaphor forward with a graphic style that expresses fun and mischief. 

An elderly woman wears a red crown and reads from a sheet of paper her new powers and benefits. Text in bold red illustrates her excitement.

Maison Des Seniors Center Playful Print Design

The tagline saying pops out from a tranquil sky-blue background. A white crown sites atop the head of the elderly woman.

This is a beautiful display of contrasting. Photography is used to illustrate the concept that aging should be a fun adventure and zero mistreatment.

Maison Des Seniors Center Colorful Print Design

The model is placed on a variety of colored backgrounds ranging from red to grey.

Playful scenarios are depicted that convey a fun and rewarding senior living experience.

Maison Des Seniors Center Print Design

The design print of Grapheine transfers to a variety of mediums with finesse. 

Here we see a bus stop advertisement and a store front advertisement.

Grapheine created a wonderful fun metaphor that takes the fear out of senior living. Contrasting colors and a prominent crown symbol successfully illustrates the amazing treatment that the City of Chalon-sur-Saone provides to the elderly.

Maison Des Seniors Center is a fun print design in the Professional Services industry. 

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