MD Aesthetica Print Design Photos

MD Aesthetica’s Print Designs Take Health And Wellness Seriously

MD Aesthetica is a well-known health and wellness center in Houston, Texas. The brand hopes to inspire its patience with the confidence and motivation to look and feel their best. The center offers numerous services to help give patients everything that they need to live their best lives going forward.

To go alongside this fresh and inviting brand message, the business needed a new design aesthetic. To achieve this, the team turned to creative studio La Tortilleria. The creatives at this studio came up with a print design that seamlessly integrated all of the new and exciting elements of their brand.

This is what the team at La Tortilleria had this to say about the project:

La Tortillería created MD Aesthetica’s complete brand identity. Our work began with the creation of a memorable logotype. We designed a beautiful icon inspired by the stunning image of human epidermis cells magnified under a microscope. The resulting hexagonal shape shares a strong resemblance with the texture of skin, and its versatile outline allows the figure to be repeated and interconnected in order to form a pattern. On some applications the symbol is golden and embossed, and on others, it’s directly carved on the top page or cover, partially unveiling contents or colors underneath. This design mechanism works just like our skin—it protects our inner, beautiful self. The symbol is freestanding but can be partnered with an elegant and light sans-serif font we selected for the brand.

The agency utilized the power of the human body to create a design that brought this brand to life in a unique and impactful way.

MD Aesthetica Print Design Card

MD Aesthetica’s Print Materials Utilize Texture And Shape In A Dynamic Way

The print designs created for MD Aesthetica range from brochures to pamphlets to business cards. But they're all tied together by a theme that emphasizes health.

On all of these prints, there is a clean hexagonal shape present. It's often the focal point of the design, sitting at the center of the design or layered on top of an image in a way that draws the eye immediately.

This has a very clinical feel -- as it should. It's made in the image of a cell -- and when clumped together in certain designs, it does remind you of your high school science courses.

This shape is stunning and powerful. And in some places, it is cut out of the design, adding a texture to the design that demands to be physically felt.

This texture, in addition to the matte color of the prints, creates a design that urges viewers to reach out and get engaged quite literally.

The rest of these designs are very minimal, with little text. And when there is copy, it's written in a simple black font. It's the shape and texture that takes center stage.

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MD Aesthetica Print Design Envelopes

MD Aesthetica’s Prints Make Great Use Of Colors To Get Viewers In A Healthy Mindset

Another extremely eye-catching element of this design is the color choices made. These designs only use a few colors, the main ones being a stark white, deep black, shiny gold and salmon pink.

All of these colors weave together seamlessly to create a design that is clean, classic and serene.

These colors also evoke clinical and medical vibes. This pink looks like it could be the main color of nurse scrubs and hospital gowns. The white reminds you of a sterile environment, and the gold adds a touch of sophistication.

This color choice is perfect for the wellness studio which promotes this healthy mindset and lifestyle.

The gold foil used for the geometric designs is soft and subtle, but it adds a nice shine that grabs the eye.

With this use of color, this design truly does pop.

MD Aesthetica Print Design Card

The MD Aesthetica Print Designs Put Science And Medicine First

These engaging and engrossing designs are multilayered and dynamic. There are a number of intricate design elements that make up these simple and effective print materials.

At first glance, this hexagonal shape is geometrics and eye-catching. And the more you look at it, the more you realize it looks like a cell or group of cells. This harkens back to the brand and its roots -- it's a wellness center after all.

The texture added by cutting out this design is equally stunning. It makes you want to reach out and touch it. It also adds a cleanness to the design that shock and amazes.

The colors further drive home the point of health and medicine, using clean whites and sterile pinks that immediately remind you of a posh city health facility.

All of these design elements come together to create a range of print materials that are clean, minimal and classic.

These MD Aesthetica print designs are sure to help you on your way to a healthier and happier you.

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