Milton Glaser's Underground Images Political Print Design

In conjunction with the School of Visual Art's "Underground Images" advertising campaign, Glaser created three print designs that comment on today's political climate. The prints are titled "It's Not About Me, It's About We," "To Dream Is Human" and "Give Help."

While each image isn't overtly political, Glaser created them with anti-Trump-isms in mind. 

"All art ultimately is about collective experience, and 'art makes us better' is a reality that I truly believe in," Glaser said in an interview. "It is the [antidote to] the narcissism and selfishness that exists in human nature. So [this] is a direct reflection of Trump's attitude toward the world, where everything is about him."

Each image speaks to a particular issue. "It's Not About Me, It's About We" aims to rebuff selfishness in politics. It features a black speckled background (reminiscent of a subway car's floors) and bold stripes of primary colors to create blocky lettering. 

Milton Glaser's Underground Images Symmetrical Print Design

Meanwhile, "To Dream Is Human" envelops immigrants and Dreamers in love and acceptance. It embodies the acting of dreaming for the future, incorporating soft tones and intricate and symmetrical patterns that are soothing to look at. 

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Milton Glaser's Underground Images Print Design

Finally, the most specific of them all, "Give Help" artistically discusses white privilege, juxtaposed with the assistance Puerto Rico received following the hurricanes, which was often rebuffed as inadequate. 

The most prominent design element is the top of a house under water, which also resembles a caution or yield sign. The design also features a poignant Oscar Wilde quote. 

Milton Glaser's Underground Images Iconic Print Design

These designs aren't Milton's first foray into art as a communicator. Following the World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Glaser -- who coined the iconic "I Love NY" logo -- re-envisioned the well-known symbol with even more strength. 

With the ever-growing prominence of political conversation, art and design will surely continue to tackle global topics through visuals in 2018. 

Milton Glaser's Underground Images is a political print design in the Arts & Recreation industry.

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