The School of Visual Arts Book Gorgeous Print Design

New York City-based multidisciplinary creative studio Hinterland designed a beautiful editorial book for The School of Visual Arts, a college of art and design known for its unparalleled faculty and innovative curriculum.

The design of the SVA Senior Library conceptually expands on the Choose Your Own Adventure children’s book series. By design, there is no true beginning, middle or end. The experience is non-linear, just like a designer’s education, design-thinking, career, and life after graduation. Keeping in mind the brand identity of SVA, the book print design accurately reflects passion, innovation, creativity and beauty.

The School of Visual Arts Book Print Design

In a shade of bright neon orange, the book instantly stands out. The outer cover of the book is creatively designed with small cube-shaped images decorating the inner and outer sides. It adds a balanced look to the book, engages with the viewer, and is visually very appealing to look at.

As the cover is opened, the book lifts up slightly, in keeping with the non-linear theme of the design. The inner cover of the book is plain neon orange, nicely complementing the outer cover. The cover also has a textured feel to it, enhancing the design.

The School of Visual Arts Book Stunning Print Design

The pages inside the book are all different, and have been creatively designed keeping in mind the brand identity of The School of Visual Arts. Each page is a visual treat, and yet all the pages complement one-another. From neatly lettered textual pages to graphics and images, the pages all play off of each other by using similar color tones and themes. The orange color is a constant, tying the book together thematically and making the design visually aesthetic.

The School of Visual Arts Book Print Design

The print patterns and design have been executed cleverly, and each page is well balanced and easy on the eye. In all, through its usage of color, contrast, lines, and shapes, the book accurately represents what the SVA stands for.

The School of Visual Arts Book is a gorgeous print design in the Arts & Recreation and Education industries.