NYC Womens Surf Film Festival Awesome Print Design

New York City.

Women's surfing? Yes.

The New York City Women's Surf Film Festival is a project of Lava Girl Surf. Female filmmakers and female surfers are celebrated at this event.

The film displays the surfer's love for the ocean, their communities, and new experiences and people they discover along the way.

Shanti Sparrow handled the creative branding and promotion through print posters, digital photos, clothing, and tickets.

A female surfer is seen with a white circle with the word "film" carried around her neck as if she is rising to the surface.

NYC Womens Surf Film Festival Awesome Print Design

The promotional posters are clean and crisp.

Images of female surfers as they glide through the beautiful sea with ease are the main focal point.

A pink sandy colored background blends into the local pink building wall.

Blue and pink blend into each other with textured crinkled folds that make the poster look like it is the beach itself.


NYC Womens Surf Film Festival Gorgeous Print Design

A white colored background with the same creative folds are plastered onto a darker white colored brick building wall.

The "Women's Surf" title logo font swoops in and out with curvy lines depicting the motion of the ocean.

Pink and Blue and Purple are used to convey gorgeous feminine colors.

The colors capture the beauty of these empowering female adventurers.

NYC Womens Surf Film Festival Beautiful Print Design

The poster print translates to a variety of mediums with the same finesse of female surfers balancing on an incoming wave.

Light pink fades into the purplish-blue ocean with blue and pink colored necklace straps.

This wonderful and delicate look and non-contextual color combination provides viewers with an illusion that the surfers are simultaneously flying and swimming.

Through this film, the women are taken to new heights and placed on the world stage. 

NYC Womens Surf Film Festival Great Print Design

Pink sunset logos with "Women's Surf" writing grace sleeveless shirts and other apparel.

This empowers any who are fans to support and celebrate the female surf culture during, and especially after viewing the film.

NYC Womens Surf Film Festival Print Design

A laughing woman enjoys conversation as she awaits the start of the film on creative beach towels.

Shanti Sparow audaciously captured the spirit of of a film that catapults the wonderous culture of female surfing to the forefront of conversation.

The color choices of Blue, Purple, and Pink gracefully elevate the beauty of femininity represented in the film. 

The gorgeous underwater photography serves as symbolism to empower and inspire women everywhere.

Shanti Sparow's print design is energetic and retro and powerful.

Most importantly, it captures a nostalgic love that highlights the sense of adventure and love exhibited by Women surfers abroad.

Surfs Up.

NYC Womens Surf Film Festival is an awesome print design in the Entertainment industry.