Truth Consulting Stunning Print Design

Taking marketing to a whole new level of elegance and femininity, Truth Consulting partnered up with Socio Design to evolve their previous branding into something fresh and exciting. This update redefined the company’s print and digital footprint, drawing in a new crowd and appealing to a whole new market of clients.

Truth Consulting Gorgeous Print Design

Taking their previous branding and updating it meant giving the company a dynamic spin, while also still maintaining the memorable identity it had already developed in the past. Truth Consulting’s previous base logo and colors remain the same, but everything else has been altered and improved by Socio Design.

Truth Consulting’s new style emphasizes boldness, professionalism, and a classy uniqueness. Taking a simplistic approach with the typography, the font is common and uncomplicated so as to not draw away from the intricacies in the logo. The flat design of the logo comes to life thanks to the selected three-dimensional elements in combination with the font, amplifying certain aspects of the design over others.

Truth Consulting Stunning Print Design

Utilizing the same branding, Socio Design created a unique and memorable brochure for Truth Consulting. Each page is carefully designed to include a combination of the company’s logo, geometric shapes using the company’s colors, and a simplified font that accentuates the textual content on the page. The brochure is cleanly put together, and it carries over the professionalism the company wants to portray to future clients and maintain with current clients.

Truth Consulting Digital Platforms Design

On the digital front, Socio Design utilized the brighter colors in Truth Consulting’s color scheme, paired with the intricate designs of the company’s logo, to create an outstanding website. Within each webpage, accents and font colors pull in the various pinks, purples, and browns to complement the text and imagery.

This dynamic combination of colors and exquisite designs draw potential clients into the one-of-a-kind appearance of Truth Consulting’s new branding style. It speaks to professionalism, the ability to be bold, and the need to think outside the box. Consumers know that whatever project they present to Truth Consulting to conquer will be done in a way that will make their company stand out against the rest.

Truth Consulting is a stunning print design in the Advertising and Technology industries.