Laracon Outstanding Print Design

Laracon is a multi-day conference where developers improve their knowledge and awareness of modern engineering techniques and strengthen their network of like-minded developers. In 2015, the conference was held in Amsterdam (EU), and in Louisville (US), both under the same Laracon umbrella. Liefhebber was tasked with creating a brand identity for the event which would consist of a custom typeface and illustration style focussing on “connection, action, and reaction”.

The typeface created used modern web fonts for the letters but added in a slightly more alternative style for the numerical and special characters. The tall, yet light, text makes use of reduced character spacing to slot in nicely between the illustrative print designs.

Laracon Great Print Design

The illustrations themselves are representative of styles you would associate with ancient Greek, or maybe even Middle-eastern mythology. The colors used in the illustrations are also reflective of the designs that are iconic from those regions and period of history. It’s not exactly what you expect to see at a conference aimed at developers, yet the illustrations are still presented in a modern and technological way.

The symmetrical aspect of the posters, banners and other materials is quite mesmerizing, and it certainly achieves the “pop” factor that many event designs strive for. The colorful illustrations overlayed on top of the dark navy background is very compelling and appealing.

Laracon Print Design

The designs have a memorabilia-like feel about them, almost as if they’re authentic pieces of art, rather than promotional materials for an IT-related event in the 21st century. The shapes that the illustrations create are also representative of a forum, or arena, which evokes the sense of connection and networking — the whole purpose of the event.

These artistic designs are not only memorable, but they serve the purpose of helping event attendees connect, not only at the time but in the future. It’s unlikely that a developer would attend another conference with a similar identity to Laracon.

Laracon is an outstanding print design in the Advertising and Technology industries.