Arctic Motion

The arctic is one of the universe’s greatest mysteries and continues to fascinate the science community. Mathisen’s Arctic Motion captures the simplistic beauty of nature in a simplistic, yet stunning way. The video incorporates remarkable images of the arctic, using aerial perspectives and a time lapse feature in each frame.

The video uses the track As We Float by the American Dollar. Its mezzo tempo beat encapsulates the mystique of the arctic. The slower tempos work with the frames that last longer than 10 seconds and as it picks up, cymbals and drums brings a sense of movement, while the Northern Lights are dancing.

Each frame transitions to different images. The video’s white balance juxtaposes well with the different hues of the arctic sky. Every still in the video is similar and corresponds with the one before, this approach smoothes the transitions of each frame. When coupled with the time lapse interface, everything in the video pulls together allowing viewers to experience nature’s effortless time and movement.

The video doesn’t incorporate text or narration. For some this may seem like a missed opportunity, however, the “less is more” approach is essential to the quality of the video. It leaves the video open for interpretation, allowing audiences to experience the beauty of nature’s ambiguity.

Arctic Motion accomplishes two things — first, it allows viewers to get an experience to embark on visual exploration of the arctic. Second, it defies expectations by using a single-motion camera, time lapse frames, simple transitions. It takes advantage of the natural hues of nature, allowing the images to be organic and transparent.

Arctic Motion is a stunning demo video.