Standout Features:

  • Product highlight
  • Trendy trap beat
  • Showcasing the customization

The next choice for our prime video designs is the Axis by Enso Rings ad, created by JFX Studio. The brief ad focuses on showing the ring and all its strong suits.

The ad is straightforward, instantly placing the new ring in the center of the screen. As we are shown multiple close shots of the product, the subtle typeface complements the feature showcase, including the flexibility of the premium silicone, removable inserts, and many aesthetic options.

We then see the ring in the center with colorful inserts hovering around it, changing its color. Once the rotation is finished, the ad ends with a lineup of all seven options reinforced by the brand’s logo hovering above the rings.

The video is accompanied by a trendy trap beat that suits the fast-paced tempo.

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