The world needs your creative energy

Dropbox is a technology company that builds simple, powerful products for people and businesses. They met with some of their favorite makers to learn how they harness their unique creative energy with Dropbox. The video “The world needs your creative energy” is about how each person they met brings a unique story of how they use Dropbox to make meaningful work.

The video is a short clip of about a minute, but it manages to tell a story within that time frame. It uses short images and clips paired with text to illustrate ideas and demonstrate the endless possibilities that come with using Dropbox. It showcases design, creativity, talent, and energy, and uses visually very appealing aesthetics to do so. The background score is catchy and in sync with the visuals, making for an excellent viewing experience. The storytelling technique used in the video is quick and compelling, but gets the point across. The music, visuals, and crisp text combined make for a great visual experience.

Great attention has been paid to detail, and each visual shown in the clip is fascinating and connects instantly with the text message displayed. The writing is sharp and crystal-clear, putting the message across seamlessly yet creatively. Dropbox is showcased as a company that harnesses and empowers curious and creative minds, completely on-point with the tech company’s brand identity. The short span of the video, rather than detracting from the message, helps the brand identity by keeping it informative, enriching, and interactive.

The video also connects with the audience’s emotion with respect to the brand identity of the company, cementing the idea that it is meant to simplify workflows and work-spaces. Overall, Dropbox’s video does a great job of using a clear content strategy to tell a story, while at the same time keeping it short, sweet, and relevant.

Dropbox: The world needs your creative energy is a beautiful commercial video.