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Casteel Heating and Cooling is a company in Georgia that produces heating and cooling systems for homes. This thirty-second advertisement was a television spot for their local customers.

The video follows one central character — an animated thermostat with two eyes, a mouth, two legs, and two arms. It is reminiscent of something one might see in a Toy Story film, and looks almost like a miniature robot. It has the Casteel brand name and logo in the bottom left corner of its body. To open the video, this little character runs around a corner and into a hallway of a well-kept home. A dog is sitting on the ground, head up and alert. A winged armchair is in the background, at the end of the hallway. The thermostat character jumps onto a windowsill where he excitedly awaits the arrival of a new heating and cooling system from Casteel.

A male narrator voices the commercial, with no background music. He speaks quickly, as the thirty second time limit of a TV spot commercial inhibits what can be said.

As two men unpack the new system, a blue, translucent screen hovers over the action, with complementary text to the narration. This screen takes up about two thirds of the screen, so the viewer can still see what’s going on behind. The Casteel brand name takes up one third of the blue information screen at the top, below which is a bulleted list of benefits a customer could enjoy by going with Casteel. The font is a bold, sans serif set in italics, with a white sheen.

The blue information screen transitions off, and the video ends with all the information needed to get in touch with Casteel, a telephone number and an email in the same font, with the Casteel brand name and logo again in the top right corner of the screen. The thermostat character stands off to the left of the information, and smiles at the viewer as the commercial closes.

For those looking for new heating and cooling systems in the area served by Casteel, this commercial shows good incentives to choose their brand over the other options.

Casteel TV Spot is a fun commercial video.