CÎROC The New Year With Diddy (Intro)

“CÎROC The New Year With Diddy” is a video from December 31, 2011 that promoted the vodka brand, just in time for New Year's celebrations. Ciroc’s brand promotions often revolve around it being called the "Official Vodka of New Year's," and Sean “Diddy” Combs is the brand ambassador for the company. The video describes the annual Ciroc new year party, and features Diddy himself explaining the party.

Published on Diddy’s YouTube page, the video gives details about the party, called Diddy 2012, taking place in Miami. The event is marketed as an exclusive party, and viewers are invited to live-stream the event in order to virtually attend it. The video opens to Diddy speaking to the camera and describing the event. He stands behind four tall Ciroc vodka bottles, and speaks from the party venue. The viewers are told that Diddy is live behind the scenes at the party venue in Miami, putting the party together. He says that the count-down to the exclusive event has begun, and he’ll be live-streaming the event. He urges the viewers to tune in and tweet about it, making it “go viral”.

The video is short and simple, but gets the message across. The writing is crisp and clear, and ensures that all the important information is conveyed, along with mentions of the Ciroc brand. There is no background music in the video, and the only sound viewers hear is Diddy’s voice inviting them to view the event. Both the party as well as the vodka are promoted in the video, and the fact that Diddy maintains a conversational tone throughout the short film enhances the viewing experience. In all, the promotional video is informative, engaging and well-edited. Diddy’s celebrity appeal draws in viewers, and the content keeps them engaged, making for a unique viewing experience.

CÎROC The New Year With Diddy is a great commercial video.

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