Fit Kwik - Back to Basics Free Fitness Course

Kwik Fit is a car servicing and repair company in the United Kingdom. It is the leading fast-fit specialists in the UK for tires, exhausts, batteries and brakes. In January of last year, KwikFit launched a no-frills, free, FitKwik fitness session, using spare tires. The company also released a video about its FitKwik program, explaining it in a fun and engaging way.

The video tells a compelling story. It opens with a scene where two men, employees at Kwit Fit, are begrudgingly eating their healthy but less-than-delicious lunches, which contain carrots and celery sticks, and a kale and spinach smoothie. Fed up with eating the same meal everyday in an attempt to stay healthy and get fit, they decide to take things into their own hands, with a “no frills, no-nonsense solution.

Proper exercise for proper people.” The video then introduces Kwit Fit’s FitKwik program as a quick workout plan that involves no membership fee, no lycra, and no kale. The content is engaging and fun, with a comedic tone that enhances the viewing experience even further. The concept in itself is unique, and the video plays on that element, interjecting it with jokes and puns.

The writing is crisp, clear and authentic. The editing is also great, and each clip contributes to the video. The characters in the ad are funny and relatable, ensuring that the viewer stays engaged. The content is also presented in a compelling manner, taking care that the Kwik Fit brand is accurately represented.

The background score varies depending on the action taking place in the video, matching the rhythm well. The length of the video, at one minute and 5 seconds, is also apt: neither too long or too short. Overall, Kwik Fit’s video is creatively developed and executed, tells an engaging story, and accurately explains the FitKwik fitness program.

Fit Kwik - Back to Basics Free Fitness Course is a fun commercial video.

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