Coffee Fuels Creativity Video Is An Ode To Cup Of Joe-Infused Artistry

Coffee Fuels Creativity Video Tells A Tale Of Creative Constraints From A First-Person Perspective

Affinity Creative Group is the branding, design and videography agency behind the Coffee Fuels Creativity campaign that spans a minisite, a custom coffee and a short film.

During the 2019 holiday season, the agency launched Coffee Fuels Creativity in order to “provide a perk of holiday inspiration.”

The company created a one-of-a-kind package designfor a special roast, delivering it to clients, prospects, friends and other parties of interest.

The campaign’s expressive video, however, is all about telling a story of deadlines and creative struggles, as much as it is about flexing Affinity Creative’s expert muscles.

Clocking at just over a two-minute mark, the mini-film follows a daily routine of a package designer, whose eyes we are looking through. A “Holiday gift design due tomorrow!” sticky note at the beginning of the video provides the context immediately.

A neatly arranged desk and stationary and nervous tapping of a pen against paper suggest an aimless thought process that doesn’t yield results.

The video’s design puts empty notebook pages at the center, surrounded by a contrastingly dark background.

The story takes off once the designer – aka the viewer — abandons the fruitless pursuit and heads to the kitchen to brew a fresh pot of pour-over coffee.

The solution for brain block? A warm, fresh cup of Joe, naturally.

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Coffee Fuels Creativity Videography Design Relies On HD Image And Effective Lighting

The opening frames of the Coffee Fuels Creativity video reveal professional, high-quality camerawork in hi-res.

The impeccable video quality points to big standards in video production to the agency’s interested prospects. The dynamism of shots provides just enough time to get immersed in details but not dwell too much on a single frame and risk a dull watching experience.

As a first-person movie, the video’s lighting and color palette work as a mean of drawing the viewer into the pressing working routine. The lighting changes to symbolize the transition of day to night as the subject makes unstoppable progress fueled by coffee.

With that said, there is something decidedly spot-on when it comes to the color choices in the coffee-themed video. The coffee-preparation scenes are all earthy-toned – or coffee-toned, if you will – with everything from the counter to the bowls and pitchers radiating pastel, cappuccino shades.

Jazzy Beats Convey The Emotion And Suspense And Complement Coffee Fuels Creativity’s Video

A themed mini film is never complete without a fitting soundtrack.

The well-produced clicks, crackles and whizzes of human activity and white noise of coffee being prepared make up a palette of familiar everyday sounds.

They blend in and never drown out the main source of ear-candy: the jazz soundcheck improv of a band getting into the groove, accentuated by filigree drums and cymbals.

The main premise of the storyline is a designer stricken by a creative block, about to hit the deadline. The soundtrack emphasizes the tension and suspense of “will he make it?” and “won’t he make it?” The jazzy drums are almost a metaphor for the seconds counting down as time ticks inevitably away.

The “a-ha” moments of creative revelation also get adequate sound treatment with a little drum fill replacing the rhythmic monotony all around.

The High-Energy Nature Of Coffee Fuels Creativity Video Design Translates Deadline Pressure Into A Short Movie

The repetition of work-coffee routine culminates in a desired outcome: the designer, having decided on the final design, digitizes his sketch to the computer, creates a vector print-ready design and the package is made (and even tested).

A fast-paced action dies down in the final seconds of the video to reveal the vintage, Alfons Mucha-inspired design, letting the viewer soak it all in.

The video on Coffee Fuels Creativity’s website comes with two interesting details. The first one precedes the video and is an animated version of the coffee package’s final design that takes up the entire screen.

The other is a custom-animated, wavy progress bar down at the bottom. It has five points of interactivity that point to different sources of inspiration: a cup of coffee, a holiday playlist, get-together cocktail recipes and go-to gifts for creatives.

Coffee Fuels Creativity Showcases The Agency’s Videography, Package Design And Website Expertise

With the Coffee Fuels Creativity campaign, Affinity Creative kills not two but three birds with one stone: they have successfully demonstrated their package design, web design and video producing expertise.

Affinity Creative puts it succinctly:

“The combination of expressive videography and an interactive website, paired with the creativity of a one-of-a-kind package design, and the finest quality special roast has delivered a memorable holiday experience, enhancing all senses.”

A very simple storyline communicates the pressure of getting work done under a looming deadline. It also points to the coffee as a solution, with its role of keeping the subject going throughout the day.

The agency achieved visual consistency through the bird’s-eye view of the working desk and kitchen counter, as well as muted tones and contrasting lights.

The relatable theme of the video is underlined with a POV/first-person perspective.

Taking only two efficient minutes, the Coffee Fuels Creativity mini film is an exercise in top-class video production.

It is also a cunningly-veiled demonstration of Affinity Creative’s range of abilities as a design agency, spanning three different types of media.

Despite being holiday fun-initiated, the video really communicates the agency’s qualities to future clients. The globally appealing coffee-drinking culture is pertinent to all corners of the world, making the video universal and archetypal, as well.

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