Epic Shoes Commercial

Standout Features:

  • Product spinning visual
  • Combination of close-up and wide shots
  • Upbeat, adventurous tune

The agency 9/1 Studios proves they can make sneakers or any footwear irresistible. Their work for the Epic Shoes Commercial video is a testament to that. 

As the video begins, we can immediately hear the adventurous background music, urging viewers to watch closely. The video shows a close-up shot of the shoe's fabric spinning around, complementing the rhythm.

The close-up extends to a wide shot displaying the shoes entirely, slowly losing momentum until they finally stop moving.

The video proceeds to show us close-ups of the shoe’s front and backside, after which we see an old video recording of an Olympic sprint race, quickly reverting to the product-focused frames against a pitch-black background.

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