Easy Visual Video Design Revolutionizes SaaS Explainer Videos With Smart Animation, Commanding Narration And Detailed Composition

Easy Visual Video Design Lives Up To Its Name With An Appealing And Crowd-Pulling Animation

Easy Visual is a Liverpool-based advertising network that provides highly innovative solutions for advertisers and brands globally to help them promote their projects effectively and get online traffic.

Gaining traffic has become a real challenge and advertising providers fight for impressions and reach like never before. Easy Visual offers tangible solutions.

In order to raise awareness of their unconventional services, Easy Visual commissioned Galera to create a minute and 30-second explainer video that details their company philosophy and inventive marketing method.

Easy Visual video design is a perfect tool for attracting visitors to their site and demonstrating the key benefits of the product. The video combines two main elements: an attention-grabbing animation and a well-scripted narration. The result is a powerful service explainer video that invokes energy and is forward-thinking.

The video also showcases SaaS characters, fluid flames, splash animations and seamless transitions to highlight Easy Visual’s brand personality.

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Easy Visual Video Design Shows How Distinct Color Choices Can Make The Animation Stand Out

You may notice the recognizable, ubiquitous animation style the video opts for. Easy Visual video design utilizes the distinct yet familiar SaaS design trend to exude its personality. But what makes Easy Visual’s video stand out is its well-integrated and engaging approach to design and messaging.

The video design relies heavily on trendy and striking color choices, mainly two dominant variations of red and blue. Besides complementing each other perfectly, these shades serve their own purposes in the video.

The dark hues help the video create a parallel between the current state of the digital ad market and the villainous characters who represent similar challenges and threats that brands face today.

Once the narration establishes the brand’s alternative solution, the video introduces a soothing white and marine blue that manages to tame the above-mentioned shades and unify them into a satisfying visual experience.

That's how video producers play with color to evoke emotions, establish parallels and guide the viewer's perception!

The Video's Narration Guides The Audience Through The Hardships Of Advertising To The Benefits Of Easy Visual’s “Blue Ocean”

Most, if not all, sound designers will tell you that audio content is just as important as visual elements. Having that in mind, a voice-over added to animated video help it improve by leaps and bounds.

The confident male narrator is in charge of a carefully constructed script, a story-oriented towards the benefits of working with Easy Visual.

His voice and storytelling provide a convincing and professional messaging, deconstructing the current advertising climate and highlighting the benefits of the innovative and cost-efficient platform.

The narrator’s voice is very high in the mix and his simple and clear messaging cannot elude the viewers even if they get lost in the immersive animation.

“Now we are at the origins of a completely different way of communication with customers.”

Both the storytelling and visuals leverage on consumer psychology, namely the fear of missing out (FOMO). It’s similar to how branding agencies use FOMO to create a sense of consumer urgency and desire.

They showcase the advantages of using Easy Visual’s communication channel as an escape from the burning city’s “shark eat shark” mentality. It is more akin to a summer vacation, where advertisers enjoy swimming in the “Blue Ocean”, a vast space of interacting with customers free of competition.

The Dynamic Sound Design And Energetic Soundtrack Complement Easy Visual's Vivacious Imagery

The Easy Visual video design packs a punch not only with its alluring narration but also with its sound library and banger of a song.

From the sirens wailing to ominous laughing and roulette spinning, the video’s sound editing accentuates every frame and contributes to the effectiveness of message delivery.

The introduction of Easy Visuals revolutionary ad platform starts the upbeat and energetic music (Gyom – Wind it Up). It starts with a simple rhythmical pattern, robust baseline, ending with the triumphant vocals that clearly communicate the “feel good” attitude and highlight the narration.

The narrator and the music are never in conflict with one another. The song is mixed neatly into the background and is just the right amount of loudness and clarity.

Easy Visual Video Design Shares The Same Winning Principle As The Brand

Easy Visual doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel but maps new roads for advertising vehicles to tackle. It may sound counterintuitive, but increasing traffic often means abandoning the familiar paths, thus leaving the competition behind.

Galera understood this and therefore applied the same principle to the video design.

The agency has gone through great lengths to produce a perfect synthesis of accessible, engaging animation that educates the target audience about a revolutionary advertising platform that is Easy Visual.

Easy Visual video design is a textbook example of how thinking “outside of the box” is not enough to thrive in a cutthroat environment, but thinking of new revolutionary methods within the confines of the said box can get you somewhere. It's also a stunning display of motion graphics experts' ability to create an engaging visual experience. It is for this reason and the ones above that Easy Visual deserves to win DesignRush’s Best Video Design Award.

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