DESIGN DISRUPTORS Trailer #1 - A documentary from InVision

At the forefront of technological innovation is design, and at the heart of the design is the concept of connection. Technology will always be around to innovate and solve problems—the designer’s job is to take that technology and innovation and connect it with humankind.

Design Disruptors is a documentary featuring fifteen companies who have disrupted the status quo through innovation and design that connects with people. The opening shot of the trailer for this documentary is city—an aerial view of skyscrapers with taxis far below, which then cuts to a street of bustling people. The shots are brightly lit with precise cinematography, denoting the value of innovative design. The next one and a half minutes is all about connecting people with design, and the trailer often cuts to scenes of crowded streets to remind the viewer that this is what it’s all about.

The trailer is a short introduction to a documentary, and shows several shots of one-sided interviews, each of them well-lit, the subjects well-groomed, with a very deliberate decor to again underscore what the documentary will focus on. Developers and founders of these fifteen major companies are the subjects of the interviews, all of whom bring a presence of legitimacy to the film.

The set design has a modern look. We see shots of stainless steel and glass staircases, rooms filled with MacBooks and Apple products, frame by frame shots of company logos that have disrupted industries, such as Pinterest and Netflix. Every shot in the trailer demands that the viewer notice the style, and this style gives credibility to every part of the documentary—the subjects, the topics, the research, the people.

The documentary is introduced with an innovative font—again, yet another aspect that draws attention to the focus of the film. It’s a sans-serif, modern font with an animated negative effect, and is used to present each person interviewed for the documentary, followed up with the title at the very end of the commercial.

Those who follow the movers and shakers of modern technology—as well as those who intend to be movers and shakers—will find this documentary worth their time.

Design Disruptors is a documentary commercial video.