WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving

With the help of 175 WestJet volunteers and three airports, Airline company WestJet made a Christmas miracle happen for more than 250 guests on two Calgary-bound flights. The video WestJet Christmas Miracle is about real-time giving, in keeping with the spirit of Christmas. At the airport, an interactive booth asks passengers what they want for christmas, and on arrival at the destination port, what each passenger asked for arrives on the baggage collection belt.

The video opens to Christmas music with visuals of a WestJet aircraft in snowfall with the narrator describing a Christmas surprise. The storytelling technique is engaging, emotional, and festive. The innovative idea and concept has been executed brilliantly, tugging at the emotional heartstrings of viewers using music, narrative voice, and extremely compelling visuals. Great attention has been paid to detail, and the editing of the video is excellent. It doesn’t overload the viewer with too much information, but engages and relates with the audience. The content is crisp and follows a clear strategy, supporting the WestJet brand identity. Each clip is happy, fun, festive, and of great quality. The musical score constantly supports the content of the video, enhancing the visual experience.

The writing is crisp and clear, while the tone is friendly and approachable, yet firm. Real reactions are shown in the video, evoking a powerfully emotional response from the audience and making WestJet seem like a personable and appealing brand. Being a video promoting the spirit of giving, the video is happy, fun, emotional, and ties in excellently with WestJet’s brand. The branding is also kept to a minimum so as not to seem overly promotional, with a few mentions of the company name. Overall, the video does a great job of promoting the airline along with the spirit of giving by telling a story to the viewer.

WestJet Christmas Miracle is a powerful commercial video.