Standout Features:

  • Educational
  • A combination of photos and graphic design elements
  • Visual storytelling

DOE PLASTICS is one of the latest comprehensive programs aiming to accelerate innovations that tackle the reduced plastic waste issue. The US government collaborated with FEVR to develop a short promotional video for this campaign.

The video eloquently combines real-life photos with many graphic design elements, piquing the target audience's interest by depicting a severe issue through an authentic medium. The video shows a standard family environment and everyday items, highlighting the plastics to remind us how often we rely on them.

After building awareness, the video addresses the other side of the plastics coin – disposal problems. The visual storytelling maintains a positive tone by explaining that there's hope for solving this dire issue. It invites the viewer to get on board with the initiative's ultimate goal: to create a continuous life-cycle for plastics that will eventually end its waste (learn more about eco-marketing strategies here).

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