Standout Features:

  • Fast-paced scene transitions
  • Rich iconography
  • Minimal text pop-ups

Eggplant is an AI-driven and comprehensive software testing platform that offers lightning-fast automation. And in just a minute, Gisteo was able to cover all the program’s offerings with the same amount of swiftness and detail.

Like most explainers, they started by presenting a consumer problem: the fact that poor software testing is often the cause of software development delays.

To present Eggplant as the most viable solution, the video production agency highlighted the company’s intricate and technical process of testing programs – from planning all the way up to deployment.

Motion is one of the key aspects of this explainer. Just like the solution being discussed, all elements are illustrated with accelerating visuals in the background. This adds an exhilarating and energetic vibe that keeps the viewers attached.

The animators also kept the text elements at a minimum. Instead, they used graphical illustrations and badge-style iconography to highlight the program’s advanced features and AI capability.

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