Don’t look away or you might miss it. This seemingly innocent video of a budding young friendship is much more than just that.

Close-up shots of a conversation carved into a library table guide us through the story of Evan and his mysterious friend. Evan is curious about who he is communicating with and spends much of the video analyzing his fellow classmates. Slow motion shots of girls walking through the lunch room are peppered in-between close ups of the ever-expanding conversation.

The video does a great job of using wide angle shots when appropriate to show Evan walking the halls of his school, searching the seas of people to find his mystery pen pal. Finally, when Evan meets her, we are introduced to the real purpose of the video. A powerful, sobering message.

The video does an incredible job of drawing focus where it wants you to look using close up shots and making you want to focus on Evan, the main subject. However, it’s revealed that you missed the real story throughout. This is truly a creative use of the video space designed to distract us and prove the message we are shown at the end.

Evan is a great commercial video.