Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour Video Design Ignites Concert Goer’s Dream of a Backstage Experience

LocalEyes Finds a Perfect Balance Between Marketing and Art in Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour Video Design

Promotional videos usually range from 30 to 90 seconds. Producing longer than that can be tricky since the average attention span of a person is less than eight seconds. Your audience might not have the will to finish it until the end.

Given this, video production companies have very limited time to capture the audience’s attention. Luckily, Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour video design is all about dominating attention.

It’s exciting and blood-rushing. So much so, in fact, that it makes the audience stay for far longer than 90 seconds (and possibly book tickets for the next gig right after watching it)!

LocalEyes has mastered the art of producing promotional content and packaging it as a beautiful story told in clips.

In their Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour video design, they combined their digital marketing prowess, ensuring the video frontloads on the main attractions of the event, the artists involved and a peek at the behind-the-scenes. All of these act as the video’s selling points that drive people into wanting to be part of it.

Then, they laid out a captivating story that keeps their audience’s eyes locked on the screen. Storytelling isn’t just visible through texts. The sound design, transitions and the choice of camera shots all make up the story. Once combined with their aim to market, the agency created a video that resonates. This 54-seconder triggers the need to experience the live music scene again, affecting fans all over, the crowd at the venue and even the tech guys backstage.

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Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour Promo Video Highlights Technological Advancements in the Live Music Scene

For thousands of years, humankind has used music and dance to unite and entertain. Although our aspirations didn’t change much, where we once gathered around the campfire with the wild rhythm of drums, now we have technology on our hands.

Alas, what is a singer without a microphone, guitarist without an amp or ultimately a DJ without a good rig? Talented individuals for sure, but without the means to reach a wider audience.

LocalEyes’ Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour video design tells that same tale, without vocal narration, but with a potent unity of visual appeal and engaging music. It shows that a live concert is somewhat of a tribal experience, a connection, with each other and with the performer. It is unparalleled.

Cisco’s participation in such venues brings that aspect of connecting to a whole new level. In times where we take Wi-Fi for granted, almost exclusively at music festivals do we find it unstable.

Partnering with live entertainment company Live Nation, Cisco founded the Connected Stadium Wi-Fi solution, a technology that enables fans to enjoy a concert even more by making swift, reliable communication and many conveniences easily available via smartphone.

LocalEyes’ EDM-Inspired Sound Design Matched with Fast-Paced Video Montage Build Momentum

Attending concerts or music festivals leaves a certain rush in the veins. It’s exhilarating, to say the least. Sometimes, you’ll still feel the bass drumming in your chest after a perfectly good set. And the blazing lights and loud cheers from the crowd remain vivid in memory.

LocalEyes’ Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour video design lets you experience this momentum in just a few seconds. The video opens with subtle background music, almost resembling an ambient sound from a live concert scene, then gradually increases tempo as the video progresses.

It’s nice to note that while the music continues to play soft and slow, the agency used slow fading transitions, too, to complement it. The background music (“Gravity” - Stanley Gurvich) starts to kick in at around 10 seconds, signaling we’re past the introduction phase.

Following the EDM’s tempo is an equally thrilling video montage. This moves fast-paced, cutting from one snippet to the next without being abrupt. This montage lets the audience in on a virtual adventure – touring them through the closed-door planning room, the concert grounds and up to the live stage.

Content Inserts Between Video Clips Contribute to LocalEyes’ Powerful Narration

Although, we would normally think less of written content in video design as it often beats the purpose of... well, video, Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour uses content inserts masterfully, like bullet points emphasizing the visual experience.

Like track breakdowns, these bits of copy not only inform, but also closely follow the music’s rhythm. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing like a good beat.

Not to mention that this method guarantees information retention – an effective strategy that most branding agencies employ.

Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour Video Design Showcases Diverse Camera Angles That Capture Raving Fans’ Interest

If there’s one symbol that represents the phenomenal technology of live entertainment at its best, it has to be the 8,000-square-foot screen that sat aloft on U2's 2017 Joshua Tree Tour. Like the brightest beacon, it takes a human-sized performance and enlarges it to mythical proportions and beams it out across acres or even continents.

Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour Video Design not only captures its power for the world to see but uses the same method, giving its viewers the genuine feeling of the concert, making them vie for more.

Bigger or smaller screen, the ability to authentically share these experiences, bring people together and celebrate the “real” stars behind the stage (Cisco-powered technology and technicians at its helm) is exactly what makes Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour video design worthy of DesignRush’s Best Video Design award!

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