Cub Studio 7 Steps To Animation

Cub Studio is infamous for their contribution to the animation game for commercials, video shorts, and productions. Their one-minute commercial explains their production process and showcases their talents with a simple design and colorful narrator to capture the audience’s attention. The video is clean, short, and to the point which is the key to keeping the viewers interested in their services.

The video briefly explains their process in seven steps — briefing, scripting, treatment, voiceover, animation, audio, and sign-off. It starts with seven animated stick men learning the steps to the popular dance, the macarena. The narrator jumps right in stating that there are twelve steps to the dance and correlates that to the company’s step-by-step production process. How smart is that?

The narrator is colorful and uses vulgar language (with no pun intended) to get his point across. His voiceover work goes through each step, relying on the animation to provide visual representation. Although there are quick transitions between frames, the white background and symmetrical lines of perspective are easy on eyes of the viewer and makes the transitions easier for the audience to follow.

One thing that deserves an honorable mention is the video’s simplicity. It doesn’t rely on heavy color schemes, images, or mixed multimedia to get its point across. The video keeps in time with the narrator’s baritone voice and the light, instrumental music. This approach respects the video’s even white balance, making the animated stick men the focal point of the page.

This animated commercial from Cub Studio offers a clean, corporate look and simplifies its graphics, allowing users to focus on the context of the video. Overall, the studio’s commercial is a testament to their talents and solidifies their role in animation production.

Cub Studio 7 Steps To Animation is a fun animated video.