Video Production Atlanta | The DVI Group | Mosquitor Curtains TV AD

Mosquito Curtains are a self-install product meant to hang around porches or other outdoor areas to keep out nuisance insects. This thirty second TV spot is a cute take on a pesky problem.

The commercial begins with a man in a silver mosquito suit. It’s a wacky, padded suit, meant to be funny and make people smile at its feeble attempts to bite humans. When the product is first displayed on screen, a woman hangs the curtain from a well-kept porch, where a family is sitting and enjoying a nice brunch.

The ad is narrated bya male with a deep, announcer style voice, and the background music is an eerie, Twilight Zone-like ambiance that continues throughout the whole ad.

Halfway through the ad, a collage of images is displayed, each a home with an exterior space that could use Mosquito Curtains. The images are animated over a green background, and white text goes along with the narration. The text is a bold, serif font with a chalky texture. The four areas of emphasis for these images are the affordability, removability, and washability of the product, including that they’re custom made. The homes in these photos are upscale and nice, a tactic used to sway viewers to buy the product in order for their homes to look nice as well.

After the curtains are installed, the man in the mosquito costume is shown thwarted in his attempt to get through and attack the family behind. Again, this speaks to the humor of the ad, and silly sound effects are used as the mosquito’s nose bends in half.

The closing image is of the man in the mosquito costume leaving the family behind the curtain alone to go pester someone else, depicting the quality of the product. After this, the video fades to green and the Mosquito Curtains logo is shown center screen with the company website below. The logo is a rectangle box with a net inside, several mosquitos blocked behind it, with the brand name in a curly serif font on bottom.

Anyone with a mosquito problem will be interested in checking out this product, especially those who haven’t found a product they like yet.

Mosquitor Curtains is a fun commercial video.