Lotus Evija’s Video Design Channels Ancient Power for High-Speed Evolution

Tradition Meets Innovation in Lotus Evija’s Action-Packed Video Design

Lotus Cars prides itself on almost a century of creating top-of-the-line, game-changing road and racing automobiles.

Evija, the latest addition to the company’s racer line, is poised to be the “thrilling next chapter of one of the greatest automotive stories ever told.”

With this product positioning, Lambda Films designed a promotional video that effectively touches on the company’s roots while catapulting the brand towards the highest state of evolution.

The video designers conceived the idea of a rite of passage to establish the product’s historical excellence – the very thing that shaped the product’s superior features and performance.

Clocking in roughly a minute, this short film, "The Creator,” revolves around two main characters: an ancient personality with superhuman abilities and the Lotus Evija itself.

Set in a tribal and exotic environment, the man appears to be performing a ritual to unleash the ultimate power of Lotus Evija.

This powerful blending of the traditional and modern ages perfectly captures the Evija story. It’s also how skilled video producers effectively combine two contrasting styles to communicate a compelling story and speak to a broader audience. It successfully portrays the product’s key advertising message and the company’s product presentation as a “bloodline steeped in daring innovation.”

Throughout the video, supernatural themes and dramatic portrayals of the Lotus Evija come into play to display decades-long automobile innovation that is ready to step into the future of fully electric vehicles.

Close-Up and Establishing Shots Translate to Clear Storytelling and Effective Product Promotion

As the scenes unfold, viewers marvel at a great mix of close-up and establishing shots of the character, product, and environment.

The traditional side features an exotic environment for the ancient man. The character summons his great power by using primitive tools and natural elements like fire, earth, water, etc.

The designers used wide shots for the environment, which gave the viewers a clear perspective of the setting. Showing the landscapes in this view helped establish the story and move the sequence along.

Regarding the actual scenes from the ritual, they mostly used close-up shots of the character’s equipment, movement, and facial expressions. It highlighted the critical details from the scenes and made the story easy to comprehend right from the get-go.

But most importantly, the intricate visuals are simply stunning!

The modern side, on the other hand, features a dimly-lit garage where the Lotus Evija stands. This dark environment is the perfect setting for the Evija’s flashy yellow color that shines like the ancient sun.

Similarly, the video designers used sharp close-up shots of the car’s frame, engine body, interiors, and electric features so that the audience could get a nice view. It’s not until the last seconds of the video that we get to see the Lotus Evija in its full glory, ready to dominate the race track.

Lotus Evija’s Video Design Has Snappy Scene Cuts That Show Parallelism

As mentioned earlier, this video design marries classic and modern eras to portray powerful evolution. Lambda Films used a fast-paced sequence that effectively displayed parallelism to tie those two elements together.

In the first few seconds of the video, we only see the traditional side unfolding the ancient story. This part alone is already composed of jump cuts that were fast enough to get the story going but not too snappy to overwhelm the audience.

The scene immediately cuts into the modern world where the Evija is launched when the traditional side has been established. The car’s close-up shots are flashed in a similar fast-paced fashion while still giving the audience ample time to examine its features.

Later in the sequence, the video designers blended the two contrasting scenes by cutting back and forth between them. Without a split-screen, the video portrayed the meaningful connection between the Evija and its traditional character.

Towards the end of the video, only the car takes center stage to complete the full circle. It started with a traditional way of showing evolution in just under 60 seconds!

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Realistic Visual Effects Add Intensity to The Scenes and Elevate Product Quality

Given its magical setting, adding ultra-realistic and crisp visual effects made the viewing experience more captivating.

As you might have seen in the video, the main character’s story is set in an exotic and somewhat sacred environment. He used a lot of natural elements as part of the ritual, which was made more true-to-life by the enhanced visuals.

The video editors made the environment much more life-like through consistent color grading matching the scenes and elements displayed. To capture the story’s supernatural aspect, they added CGI like fire sparks, lightning strikes, raindrops, and embers.

When it came to the parallel scene, the Evija’s depiction is just as visually satisfying. To match the extravagant effects of the traditional side, the editors enhanced the vehicle’s color finish, lights, and other car parts.

And since Lotus Evija isn’t just your regular automotive unit, they highlighted the brand’s digital capabilities, too. The video design agency enhanced the car’s sophisticated technology and LED display, showing that it is a fully electric and ultrafast-charging racecar. It showcases a branding agency's ability to highlight a product’s unique features with a story-telling approach.

Lotus Evija’s Video Design Keeps the Audience Hooked with Intense and Dramatic Scoring

Music sets the tone for every video and, in some way, helps with the storyline and scene exposition. Given its plot and setting, the video designers for Lotus Evija used the perfect background music: a dramatic instrumental with intense drum beats.

The backing vocals in the background emulate a man singing a tribal song, which perfectly establishes the story and the setting. It also made up for the lack of dialogue for the entire sequence.

The music’s intensity gradually progresses as more scenes come into play and the story continues. Like watching a movie trailer for an action movie, the video starts strong and keeps you on your toes until the very end.

All of these musical elements create an exhilarating feeling for the viewer, continuously building up until the video reaches its climax: the moment when the Lotus Evija is created and set into motion.

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