Someone Waits For You At Home, DON'T DRINK & DRIVE | Budweiser Ads

Beer brand Budweiser’s ad dating to 2014 promotes responsible drinking in a simple and strong way. The emotional video also promotes love for pets. Titled "Friends are Waiting," the ad stars a man, Luke, and his adorable yellow Labrador. The audience is shown their strong bonds of friendship over the years, and then watch as the dog is left home alone while Luke heads out with his friends.

The one-minute video uses a very emotional brand of story-telling, heavily focussing on establishing the relationship between the pet and Luke. Luke is shown bringing his dog home, playing with the dog, and establishing a loving relationship with his pet.

It immediately establishes an emotional connection with the viewers, highlighted by the musical score used in the ad, which is melodious and friendly. The speech writing of the video is kept to a bare minimum, with Luke saying only two sentences throughout the length of the video.

The clip relies more heavily on the expressions of the dog, playing on the heartstrings of the audience. The Budweiser ad also uses suspense to heighten the viewer involvement and interaction, making for a compelling experience.

Great attention is paid to detail, with sharp and focused visuals. The Budweiser brand isn’t overly-promoted, with a beer bottle present only every once in a while.

The video promotes the message of responsible drinking not for the drinker, but for the sake of those who might be waiting for them to get home. In this way, the audience connects with the pet, Luke, as well as their own friends and family, making the message a widespread and powerful one.

The advert does a splendid job of telling a story while engaging the viewers, promoting a social message as well as the brand, while using a clear and concise strategy.

"Someone Waits For You At Home" is a heartfelt commercial video.

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